Chandra Hanke - Refined Horsemanship & Equitation



"Every person is individual in their needs for learning. I enjoy taking the time to develop a skillful and feeling rider".

Chandra Hanke


"I absolutely love working with my clients and their horses".



"Every horse is unique and requires your dedication and respect. He is in search of understanding your intentions".

In 1994 Chandra Hanke's passion for the horse turned professional. Chandra became an Equestrian Canada  Competition Coach and Equine Facility Manager. Her initial interest was to work with students pursuing advancement in jumping disciplines. However, in 1996 she met Horseman, Peter Campbell and witnessed something profound about the way he worked the horses, how they responded and the results, amazing! It was this "mental change" in the horses that inspired her to learn quality “horsemanship”. This knowledge is not something you can read about, it is something you must experience!

"Riding to me is the essence of friendship between man and horse. Who you are and how you present yourself will reflect in the expression and movement."