Chandra Hanke

In 1994 Chandra Hanke's passion for the horse turned professional. Chandra became an Equine Canada English Competition Coach and Equine Facility Manager. Her initial interest was to work with students pursuing advancement in jumping disciplines. However, in 1996 she met Horseman, Peter Campbell and witnessed something profound about the way he worked the horses, how they responded and the results, amazing! It was this "mental change" in the horses that inspired her to learn quality “horsemanship”. This knowledge is not something you can read about, it is something you must experience!

Chandra has dedicated over 25 years to developing her abilities as a professional rider, coach and trainer. Chandra is genuine in her approach and delivery of instruction to both the horses and their riders. Her extensive knowledge of the horse’s behavior compliments her coaching background. Her willingness and passion to share, leaves riders inspired and challenged. Chandra welcomes the opportunity to help you to become a skillful, feeling rider with a safe, athletic horse as she takes you through the foundation of natural horsemanship and into refinement.