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Client Testimonials

Time spent with Chandra will lead to a life changing experience that will leave you looking for more. As for your horse, they will express their thanks through their actions. Her insight of where you and your horse are at is almost mystical. With her direction and guidance, you and your horse can have an understanding and rewarding relationship, which will only grow stronger with time.  By passing on her knowledge, Chandra is doing honor to those mentors that so graciously shared what they had to offer. Her soft and gentle portrayal of what they taught, combined with the Chandra twist of direction, brings a unique angle to help you become a better partner to your horse, which intern, will build a beautiful partnership, where both of you can blend as one.  

- Gary Kirchhoff, Gaylord, Kansas, USA

Chandra is an excellent teacher. She faces challenges and problems head on rather than avoiding them. She can predict a horses next move and reads their body language so perfectly it's amazing. Instead of just jumping in and taking control, she lets me know what to do and how to do it as well as how much pressure to apply. Her explanations are practical and logical making it easy to understand why something is so important such as having control over your horses feet. Good enough is never accepted and she notices bad habits immediately. I would recommend her to all horse owners and all horses. She has really opened up my eyes to becoming a better horse person and having a willing partner in my horses.

– Sylvia Root, Kelowna, BC

In the past year, I am ever grateful that I have had the chance to be a student of Chandra Hanke.  Despite being new to the horse world, I feel reassured that with her guidance I’m learning the fundamentals of horsemanship that I can build on for my lifetime.  It is amazing to watch her use her skills to “change a horse” in a quiet moment with seemingly subtle movement.  What a goal to work towards!  These lessons reveal themselves in surprising ways - not only in the arena, but also as a parent and in my job.  Perseverance (keep going, don’t stop), consistency, and authenticity (the way you do it with a certain intention) are themes that come up often.  They have helped me learn to ride and interact with my horse better.  I also trust that she holds the horse’s best interests at the core.

Plus, she is a hoot - a lot of fun to hang out with!

 - Jenny Dikus

It's scary when any horse scrambles in the trailer, but when nothing has changed and my mare a good traveler started scrambling and then wouldn’t reload, I knew I needed a professional. Often loading by myself, I need my horse to walk in willingly and travel quietly. Seeking the advice of fellow equestrians one name came up over and over again, Chandra Hanke at Impact Equestrian. I contacted Chandra and after our initial conversation I knew she was the right choice for me and Jewel.  Chandra’s quiet but firm attitude had Jewel loading quietly and willing in short order, however she was not finished until she knew I was confident, understood the methodology and could load and unload Jewel effortlessly. The next day I loaded Jewel by myself and we arrived at our destination cool and calm. Whether you are looking for a trainer to help with those bumps in the road that we all encounter with our horses or a regular trainer I know you won’t be disappointed working with Chandra.  
- Joan Niemeier & Jewel, Peachland, BC 

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to witness Chandra’s journey unfold over the years. She has (and continues to be) one of the people I have been most inspired, shaped and guided by; in horses and in life. Chandra has always had a gift to meet each horse where it is at, which in itself is inspiring, but furthermore she has grown her way of connecting, sharing and communicating this guidance to her human students in such an authentic, clear & honest way. 

She never ceases to amaze me with her insight, intuition, patience and wisdom - for the horse & the human. It is easy to speak well woven words, but to live and breath them as Chandra does, that is inspiring. Each year she grows - wiser and more able to communicate a language that there mostly are not words for. If you have the opportunity to work with her, it is a privilege and a gift. There is much buried treasure and wisdom that awaits you here.

- Christina Maitland, Powell River, BC

I have been around horses and horse people for over 20 years and the results I’ve witnessed from Chandra are far superior to any I’ve seen. She is an extremely gifted trainer and teacher.

- Lee Turner, Kelowna, BC 


I have been a horse lover since I was a young child. I learned to ride mostly by the seat of my pants. When you are young you have no inhabitations or fears thus giving way to a real and unassuming connection to your horse. I then took a long break from my passion due to finances. When I returned to the sport I was introduced to dressage. I was enthralled with this beautiful dance between horse and rider. I lived in the San Francisco Bay area at the time and was fortunate enough to have access to some of the world's best riders and trainers. So I began to learn to ride better. I took lessons from Gerhard Polizt, Stephan Peters, Betsy Steiner and many more. It was amazing and I learned a lot, but there was something missing. Then I met Chandra and my world changed. I knew what was missing. It was the beautiful understanding between horse and rider. The respect and trust that comes from opening your mind and heart to feel and understanding the horse. Chandra is t. She has given me the amazing gift of being able to really feel what my horse is feeling. I was able to start 2 horses on my own in an amazing quiet and stress free way. I am always learning when I am around Chandra and my horses truly benefit every time she is helping me with them. I feel blessed that our paths have crossed in this life and will always be grateful for her friendship and incredible horsemanship.

- Cory Nichols, Kelowna, BC 


When our sixteen year old son got into trouble with his horse we were recommended to Chandra Hanke for training. Over the last six months of consistently working with Chandra we've gradually seen remarkable changes in our horses behaviour, her calmness, trust, willingness and skill. We've also seen our sons understanding of horsemanship broaden and his riding skills greatly improve. Chandra teaches intuition and how to be in the moment, fully understanding your partnership with your horse. She's not about teaching a list of "how tos" but rather she imparts the skill to observe and communicate with your horse. This kind of teacher is rare and special, and we are happy to recommend Chandra Hanke.

- Steve and Marijanel Knight, Peachland, BC

Chandra has a very calm way about her when working horses. The pace of delivery is easy to follow and she describes the task which she is working on thoroughly. 

I had the pleasure of starting my adult riding under her wing and I am grateful for the opportunity. Her approach focuses on the rider and horse, what signals are being sent to the horse and how to communicate those signals better to achieve the task at hand. I have learned how to slow down, think about each movement, small or large and never rush through a task just to “get it done”. This method has exposed many of my incomplete movements to help understand how the horse moves and feels. She teaches there is more to riding then just pushing through a task, whether it be cantering circles or transitioning from walk to halt; the horse cannot be forced into the task and Chandra teaches how to listen to the signals from the horse and apply the correct aids to carry forward in a positive way before the horse becomes upset.

There are also times when firmness is required. Chandra has helped me to catch a horse in a herd that I had no hope of doing in a reasonable time. Paying attention to the horse’s facial expression and separating her from the herd in a way that left the horse waiting to be caught. Not only was the task completed, my caught horse was also in a better temperament and ready for work.

- Derrick Formosa, Kelowna, BC


I have had the privilege of knowing Chandra Hanke since 2001. Chandra is an outgoing, friendly and kind person. She has demonstrated excellent organizational and leadership skills in the community. She is industrious and is a self-starter; both qualities will serve her well in any endeavor that she chooses to pursue. She has excellent horsemanship and impressive people skills. I routinely refer aggressive and spoiled horses to her for training. She is also an excellent source for starting young horses. I have encouraged her to continue her present career path of training horses as well as her coaching of students.

- Teresa Jacobson, DVM, Kelowna, BC

I really appreciate the way you talk to each horse as if he/she was your special favourite "okay honey".  Makes me and the horse feel special!

- Anne Mackay, Kelowna, BC