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Refined Horsemanship & Equitation

Refined Horsemanship & Equitation Clinic Class Descriptions

Additional Information

In Hand Work: 

Everyone participates. It sets a precedent of understanding for the classes to follow. The element of horsemanship required to be successful in advancing, is developed, in all that we do with the horses. This applies to how we feed, catch, lead, groom, saddle, mount, ride etc... The objective here is to become aware of what is happening well before you get on your horse and how it affects the ride. It is in recognizing these details and acquiring skill-set that change is most likely to be effective and lasting. Be patient here and excel. It is important that the horse and rider get together in the same idea from the beginning

Basics: Ground Work/Walk/Trot 

This class is in progression to the prior In Hand work. We will go over riding position and purpose of aids to enhance the delivery of feel to the horse. This confidence in knowing what you are asking and how to ask it, will translate to the horse in assurance to outcome of movement. When the rider exhibits confidence in what he is asking, the horse will be more apt to follow direction. From here we will work on the horse, how it learns, how to encourage the results of task and keep a relaxed, focused mind. Going together remains the forecast. 

Note: You do not have to be cantering. However, you need to feel comfortable with those around you working in canter. The exercises can be ridden at any pace and the pace chosen will be individual. You will not be pushed beyond your limits or held back from moving forward. A healthy challenge with support to success is ensured. Everyone welcome!

Advancing: Walk/Trot/Canter 

We will go further into details of movements, behavior and how to continue to bring along both without sacrifice of the other. Staying together, while working a bit faster and maintaining quality is the focus here. As you and your horse advance the ease of aids should be less obvious and more developed in understanding. 

Refinement: Walk/Trot/Canter Specifics of Discipline 

The dynamic of the participants will outline the exercise work. The expectation here will be to perform to the highest level of your ability at this time. You will continue to work together with your horse. By now, the foundation for understanding horsemanship should be the platform from which you develop everything that you ask. We will focus on a good expression and accurate movement. Think of it as looking forward to the possibilities of what can be.