Refined Horsemanship & Equitation

Refined Horsemanship & Equitation

Refined Horsemanship & EquitationRefined Horsemanship & EquitationRefined Horsemanship & Equitation


Chandra Hanke - Inspiring Change & Developing Excellence...

Chandra is a full time Equestrian Canada Competition Coach and Professional Rider. She offers 26 years experience specializing in the development of quality of performance, in both the horse and rider. Chandra is effective and genuine in her approach and delivery of instruction. Her extensive knowledge of the horse’s behaviour compliments her ability to coach students to success. Chandra will address each individual with a personal experience, encouraging the unique needs of every horse and rider.  Her willingness and passion to share, leaves riders inspired and challenged. Chandra welcomes the opportunity to educate and support you in becoming a skillful, feeling rider with a safe, athletic horse. 

"Exclusive to the refined horseman, is the ability to offer to the horse, an understanding of natural horsemanship accompanied with equitation excellence."

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